In recent years we have been making many films to support changes within organizations. We have developed a method for this that ensures that everyone within the MT is aligned and that the target group is motivated and involved in this change.

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We make video productions and people love stories. A message that is visually beautifully processed into a good story will be remembered. We help you to translate you vision and idea into a short film with an effective story.

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Whiteboard Films

Whiteboard Films are ideal for communicating changes. For example, a new working method, an explanation of a process, a new training, public information or a long-term policy plan. The films ensure that the viewer gets involved and motivated.

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Van meet af aan was er veel betrokkenheid bij het realiseren van deze producten. Allereerst werd er goed doorgevraagd over het doel van het instrument en de film.

~ Milou van Harsel & Teun Dubbelman l Adviseurs ‘Onderzoek in Onderwijs’ Avans Hogeschool